5 Best Washer-Dryers for Every BUDGET in India 2022

What are some Best Washer-Dryers in India 2022?

Well, to answer this I have reviewed some of the Best Washer-Dryer Combo in India that are available online.

Washer-Dryers are best for those who are looking for completely dry clothes at the end of the wash cycle. It does best when you wash your laundry during the night and get it fresh & ready to wear in the morning.

Also, Washer-Dryer Combo is recommended for people living in costal humid and wet cities in India like Mumbai, Chennai, Visakhapatnam, Kolkata etc.

  • In India, Washer-Dryer Combos are the are usually 8 kg+ capacity front loading washing machine with dryer combined to them with steam or heater technology.

So if you ready to spend budget from 50000 to 100000 in India, you should get the Best Washer-Dryer Combo for luxury home use. And if it seems more expensive for you, you can get the Front Load washing machines at around 40000 budget.

So let’s check out the Best Washer-Dryer Combos in India right now in 2021.

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Samsung 7.0 kg / 5.0 kg Inverter Washer Dryer (WD70M4443JW/TL)

samsung new launch best washer dryer india
Product Name

Samsung Inverter Washer Dryer (WD70M4443JW/TL)

TagsBest Washer Dryer for Big Family, Best Washing Machine Under 40000
Capacity & Spin SpeedWasher 7 kg / Dryer 5.0 kg / 1400 RPM
Special Features & ProgramsDigital Inverter Technology, 59 Min Wash & Dry, Eco Bubble, Air Wash, Bubble Soak, Eco Drum
Warranty3 years on product & 10 years on motor

Samsung has always been one of the best washing machine brands in India and it offers a good price range for its Washing Machines.

Last year due to the high demand for Washer Dryer Combos in India, Samsung has launched this 7 kg/5 kg Washer Dryer which provides a perfect package of performance, budget and brand value.

7 kg washer capacity of this washer dryer is suitable for big families up to 6 members. And Spin Speed for 1400 RPM is capable of quick-drying with a 5 kg dryer.

This Washer Dryer comes with Digital Inverter technology which uses advanced magnets in a drive motor and makes it work smoother and noiseless.

It comes with 12 different wash programs, one of which is 59 Min Wash & Dry. This wash program is useful to wash less soiled laundry in an hour. For this wash program, a small laundry load of up to 1 kg is advised.

samsung washer dryer india wash programs
  • Eco Bubble – Samsung’s own Eco Bubble Technology which turns water with detergent into millions of bubbles that penetrate through fabric even at low temperature and thoroughly clean dirt present in the laundry.
  • Air Wash – Hot air flowing through the fabric in dryer mode not only sanitizes the laundry but also removes an unpleasant odour. It keeps laundry fresh for long term use.
  • Eco Drum – This technology notifies you when it is required to clean the drum. Eco Drum program cleans stainless steel drum thoroughly with hot water and removes detergent residues stuck up inside.
  • Bubble Soak – Is is a prior step of Eco Bubble mode. This technology soaks laundry in bubbles of detergent water which loosen up tough stains from each nuke of the laundry.


  • Excellent Drying
  • Budget washer dryer
  • Best wash quality 


  • Bit noisy
  • May require good water pressure

LG 10.5 kg / 7 kg Inverter Wi-Fi Washer Dryer (FHD1057STB)

Product Name

LG Inverter Wi-Fi Washer Dryer (FHD1057STB)

TagsBest Washer Dryer for Large Family, Best Washing Machine Under 80000, Premium Washing Machine
Capacity & Spin SpeedWasher 10.5 kg / Dryer 7.0 kg / 1400 RPM
Special Features & ProgramsTurboWash 360, Steam+ Technology, Smartphone WiFi Connectivity, 6-Motion DD, Intelligent Care, 
Warranty2 years on product & 10 years on motor

LG is a market leader in Washer-Dryers in India. So starting with the most premium washer-dryer combo, this LG 10.5 Kg / 7.0 Kg Inverter Wi-Fi Washer Dryer (FHD1057STB) takes up the first place.

This washer-dryer has a huge 10.5 kg capacity washer and 7.0 kg capacity dryer. So this LG’s best washer dryer is well suitable for large Indian families up to 8 members.

Dryer Capacity in a Washer Dryer Combo is always less than Washer Capacity. So if you are washing a full load of 10.5 kg laundry, you are suggested to split laundry load in two separate cycles of drying for better results.

With the help of AI DD technology, this LG washer dryer provides Intelligent Care to your laundry. Various sensors in the wash drum sense the softness of the fabric and optimize 6 Motion Direct Drive motion in the ongoing wash cycle. These features provide Optimum Wash to the laundry.

Wash cycles can be as quick as 39 minutes in this washer dryer combo. TurboWash 360° feature uses 3D water sprays from 4 directions which thoroughly soaks your laundry and cleans them as quick as possible.

LG Steam+ technology uses Allergy Care programs for the most hygienic wash to kill germs & bacteria that cause allergies and respiratory issues. Steam also prevents wrinkles in the laundry.

  • Smartphone Connectivity – This washer-dryer can be connected to your smartphone with the LG ThinQ app. You can operate your washer dryer from anywhere in the World and also you can diagnose this washer dryer combo for any internal/program errors.
  • Elegant Build – The dark grey coloured body, chrome ring around gorilla glass door, more visible touch panel and big knob size makes this washer-dryer look elegant.
  • Dry Mode – This washer dryer uses condensed hot air for the drying of laundry in Dryer. 
  • Other features like Child Lock, Eco Tub Clean, Auto-Restart, PreWash are available in this best washer-dryer in India 2022.


  • Build quality is best
  • Silent in operation
  • Excellent Wash & Drying Quality
  • Looks premium
  • Good service by LG


  • Costly for some buyers
  • Drying at full load may result in poor drying for humid cities

You can also check less costly variant of LG 10.5 kg / 7 kg Washer Dryer on Amazon India here.

LG 9 kg / 5 kg Inverter Front Loading Washer Dryer (F4J8VHP2SD)

best washer dryer combo in india
Product Name

LG Inverter Wi-Fi Washer Dryer (F4J8VHP2SD)

TagsBest Washer Dryer for Big Family, Best Washing Machine Under 70000, Best LG Washer Dryer in India
Capacity & Spin SpeedWasher 9.0 kg / Dryer 5.0 kg / 1400 RPM
Special Features & ProgramsTurboWash, True Steam Technology, Smartphone WiFi Connectivity, 6-Motion DD, Eco Dry, Twin Wash enabled
Warranty2 years on product & 10 years on motor

Yet another Best Washer Dryer in India 2022 is LG Inverter Wi-Fi Washer Dryer (F4J8VHP2SD). This is the budget-friendly washer dryer as compared to above LG 10.5/7.0 kg washer dryer combo.

This washer-dryer has a washing capacity of 9.0 kg and drying capacity of 5.0 kg. It is mostly suitable washer-dryer for a big family of up to 7 members.

The quickest wash cycle available in this washer-dryer combo is 59 minutes. With TurboWash technology, powerful water sprays thoroughly soak laundry and cleans the tough stains in a better way.

LG’s TrueSteam technology provides soft and hygienic washing. Steam wash also takes care of soft fabrics. You can expect more fresh laundry with steam wash.

  • Smartphone Connectivity – This washer-dryer can be operated from anywhere through its WiFi connectivity feature. LG ThinQ app helps you to operate your washer dryer combo and also diagnose it for errors.
  • Eco Dry – This mode enables to use only air for the dryer (eco dry) apart from condensed air (normal-dry) mode. 
  • 6 Motion DD – Wash drum moves in 6 different directions giving gentle care and perfect to laundry.
  • Twin Wash – This LG washer dryer combo is stackable to LG TwinWash Mini. This bottom part also does the washer & dryer task so that you can run 2 loads at a time.

With Twin Wash, it is advisable to wash heavy laundry in the washer-dryer top section and soft laundry like silk, lingerie in the TwinWash Mini section.

Other features like Child Lock, Eco Tub Clean, Auto-Restart, PreWash like are available in this best washer-dryer in India 2022.


  • Premium washing machine
  • Best Wash Quality with iron dry
  • Twin Wash enabled (in case you require in future)


  • Dryer gasket related issues reported by buyers

Bosch 8 kg / 5 kg Inverter Washer Dryer (WVG30460IN)

Product Name

Bosch Inverter Washer Dryer (WVG30460IN)

TagsBest Washer Dryer Under 60000, Best Bosch Washer Dryer, Best Washer Dryer for Large Family
Capacity & Spin SpeedWasher 8.0 kg / Dryer 5.0 kg / 1500 RPM
Special Features & ProgramsAllergyPlus, ActiveWater Plus, VarioPerfect, VarioDrum, Anti-Vibration Design, Reload Function
Warranty2 years on product & 10 years on motor

As you are basically searching for front load washing machines, you must have known the fact that Bosch being a German technology provides sturdiest build quality washing machines.

So this Bosch Washer Dryer Combo comes with 8 kg washing capacity and 5 kg drying capacity. This is suitable for big families of up to 7 members in India.

This Bosch washer dryer is a water saver through its ActiveWater technology which control the quantity of water based on laundry load and it varies it in each wash cycle.

Through VarioPerfect technology, Bosch washer dryer reduces energy consumption and wash cycle time. These features make this washer dryer combo energy-efficient.

The stainless steel VarioDrum in this washer dryer combo has wave-like grooves on a drum which are specially designed to protect delicate laundry from inner damages. Also, 3 peddles provided inside drum gently moves laundry for better cleaning

bosch wash programs
  • Reload Function – If you have missed adding any of your cloth to the wash cycle, you can still pause the program and add laundry in between.
  • SpeedPerfect – This feature gets laundry done as quickly as possible. Bosch claims to have reduced up to 65% of wash cycle time with this technology.
  • Anti-Vibration Design – This Bosch washer dryer has specially designed sturdiest structure which reduces vibrations to nearly zero.
  • AllergyPlus – These wash programs provide hot water wash for more hygienic wash.


  • Solid design and build quality
  • Less vibrations
  • Wash quality is good


  • Mandatory stand to buy for 3000 (sold by a technician)
  • Dryer not much efficient
  • Service issues for non-metro cities

Voltas Beko 8 kg / 5 kg Inverter Washer Dryer (WWD80S)

best budget washer dryer in india
Product Name

Voltas Beko Inverter Washer Dryer (WWD80S)

TagsBest Washer Dryer Under 50000, Best Voltas Beko Washer Dryer, Best Budget Washer Dryer 
Capacity & Spin SpeedWasher 8.0 kg / Dryer 5.0 kg / 1400 RPM
Special Features & ProgramsPro Smart Inverter Motor, Silent Tech, Stain Expert, Gentle Wash, Fast+
Warranty2 years on product & 2 years on motor

Voltas, the oldest Indian brand in Home Appliances and Beko, a European brand has this venture in India that is known as Voltas Beko.

Voltas Beko has this really good Washer Dryer which unexpectedly has 4.3 ratings on Amazon and a lot of positive reviews about its best build quality along with wash and dryer function. With under 50000 price tag, this is the Best Budget Washer Dryer in India 2022.

This washer-dryer has ProSmart Inverter Motor which makes it energy efficient. This motor runs with low mechanical friction, so reduces noise-related problems.

With Silent-Tech design, this Voltas Beko washer dryer combo has noise insulation shock absorbers in the body which works quite well. Also, this washer dryer has a laundry balance system which helps to reduce vibrations.

For quicker wash time, this best Voltas Beko washer dryer has Fast+  program, which speeds up the washing process by up to 55%.

  • StainExpert – This technology uses optimum wash program which includes soaking time, tumbling action, water temperature to fight tough stains like masala, oil, blood etc.
  • Gentle Wash – Specially designed Gentle Wave drum and pedals that generate powerful water waves which not harmful to laundry while cleaning dirt inside fabrics.


  • Value for money
  • Good drying 
  • Many positive reviews


  • Doesn’t remember the last program

Equator USA 9 kg / 6 kg Super Combo Washer + Heat Dryer

new equator washer dryer india

The Equator is an Americal brand of Home Appliances and it has made its entry to the Indian market with these New Equator Washer Dryers.

As there are no much reviews about this brand on Amazon India, I tried to check what US people say about Equator washer dryers.

This American washer dryer has average and mixed reviews on Amazon USA, so I would not suggest giving a try to this new brand in India.


So this was about Best Washer-Dryers in India 2022.

If having a heat dryer is not a mandatory option for you, you can consider buying Best Front Load Washing Machines Under 40000 budget in India.

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